Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why is a bullshit website

Since "Veterans Today" quite literally epitomizes the definition of "disinformation", and because I want to save you time, energy, and frustration, I've done the bulk of research in order to hopefully demonstrate why trusting "Veterans Today" may not be the best idea.

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Below is a photo of the "Editorial Board" at "Veterans Today" as seen on their website:

Who are the people in this picture? The image has a caption on the lower right hand corner which says "Editorial Board", and underneath, it reads:


* Gordon Duff - Chairman of the Board, US Marines
* Major Robert L. Hanafin - US Air Force (Ret)
* Lt. General Hamid Gul - Former Head of Pakistan's ISI
* Col. Eugene Khrushchev - Former Russian Army Officer and Military Analyst for Russia Today
* Dr. Alan Sabrosky - US Marine Corps Veteran and a graduate of the US Army War College.
* Khalil Nouri - Afghanistan Political Expert and Military Specialist
* Carol Duff - RN, BA, MSN
* Jim W. Dean - Military Order of World Wars, Assoc. for Intelligence Officers member
* Debbie Menon - Middle East Policy Expert

Do the people in the photo look like they might be a "Russian Army Officer", a "Middle East Policy Expert", or a "US Marine Corps Veteran and graduate of the US Army War College"? If anything, this image looks more like a stock photo.

Also, see that banner in the window? Notice how it cuts off at the "and" symbol (yellow circle), and appears to stretch to where the building outside the window intersects with the wall (red). Why would a banner supposedly hanging out of their window have "Veterans Today" fit at the top of it, but the text underneath cut off? Because the banner was digitally added and doesn't actually exist in the original image.

Above, we have a picture of Lt. General Hamid Gul, as taken from the VT website. His name is listed as a member of the VT "Editorial Board". Strangely, the people behind him are in the exact same position as they are in the photo of this room without his "presence".

Oh, and speaking of his "presence":

Does this picture look familiar? Same pose, same facial expression, same suit, but a different background. Hmm... what's going on here?

The image is from August 27, 2009, and was taken from an interview with Foreign Policy Journal. Apparently, the people at "Veterans Today" felt that they needed to edit a picture of Gul into their "editorial board" conference room.

Here's a screenshot of VT's "About Us" section:

Anything seem ... off ... about this photo?

Surprise! It's another stock photo:

As for the written content of VT - the so-called "news" stories - "Veterans Today" contains a collection of fecal matter larger than what you might find if you opened the septic tank of a public school somewhere in Manhattan. 

For example, "Veterans Today" has claimed on numerous occasions that the whistleblowing website Wikileaks is a product of Israel's spy agency, Mossad, and that Wikileaks has a pro-Israel bias. This is utterly false, as a few minutes of research confirms.

Wikileaks: Israel Plans Total War on Lebanon, Gaza

WikiLeaks: Israel aimed to keep Gaza economy on brink of collapse

WikiLeaks: 'Israel overestimating Iranian nuke program'

WikiLeaks: Israel tells US it has 'bad feeling' about Turkey

WikiLeaks: Israel, Chile Spied on Iranian Activity in Latin America

WikiLeaks: Israel bombed Syrian nuclear facility

WikiLeaks: Israel is Preparing for "Major War" in Middle East

Clearly, Wikileaks is working for Israel and has a pro-Israel bias. Just look at all those Wikileaks cables making Israel look absolutely wonderful.

"Veterans Today" also claims Israel pulled off 9/11. I suppose that's why, prior to 9/11, Israel was one of many countries which warned the US that an attack was on the way. Makes sense, right?

What's particularly interesting about "Veterans Today" blaming Israel for 9/11 is that Lt. General Hamid Gul (mentioned previously) is not only from Pakistan, but has connections to Pakistan's intelligence agency - the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) - which allegedly funneled money to the 9/11 hijackers:

"The Wall Street Journal reported in October 2001 that Lt. Gen. Mahmud Ahmed, head of the Pakistani intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence, ordered $100,000 be given to Mohamed Atta in the US The Journal further noted that the FBI had confirmed this information. So perhaps it's not surprising that Pakistan wouldn't warn the US what its intelligence chief was up to. But again, this information did reach the US through other means. On July 14, 1999, Randy Glass, a thief turned government informant, was wiretapping a meeting in New York City in which he was trying to sell military equipment to some Pakistanis as part of a sting operation. During the meeting, a Pakistani intelligence agent pointed to the World Trade Center and said to Glass, "Those towers are coming down." Glass recorded this on tape, and passed this and other disturbing evidence to his local congressperson, senator, and others. Senator Bob Graham has admitted his office received such a warning from Glass before 9/11."

But wait, there's more to the 9/11 story, according to "Veterans Today".

Apparently, the planes that slammed into the towers weren't the cause of their collapse; there were bombs rigged in the buildings (no, we're not talking about thermite).

What kind of explosives were used? "Mini nukes", says "Veterans Today". 

Well, there you have it. The whole 9/11 mystery has been solved.

A final point about their "nukes took down the towers" story...

I found this obviously unimportant disclaimer way at the bottom of the page: 

"This article is entirely, completely and only my opinion based on the interpretation of the referenced information. While the views above may be shared by many millions [sic] exhausted by this government, they are only my views and I do not imply that they are actually shared by anyone else."

Seems legit.

In conclusion, I'll leave you with one last article from "Veterans Today" titled, "The Secret Transformation of Our Elected Officials and What It Means for The American Republic", which goes on to explain, as copied directly:


As with other disinfo websites, some articles on "Veterans Today" do contain legitimate information about current events. Perhaps that's to maintain the illusion that the website as a whole deserves to be trusted; however, considering the aforementioned, we now know better.

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Update, 11/1/2012: Gordon Duff, "Senior Editor" at Veterans Today, admits that at least 40% of what he puts on the website is "purposely false".

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  1. veterans today seems to be one of the only places around offering sound information on world to suggest that that are disinfo either makes you an idiot or a disinfo agent yourself

    1. I do not back everything, that VT puts out, but VT is to be trusted much more, than this site is to be.
      This site does cover up, for America's True Enemy, ISRAEL : ,,,<>,,, Chabad Mafia : , .... I was tortured under the marching orders, of the Israel First, Bush - Cheney - PNAC - AIPAC Crime Syndicate, as they tried & gleen info, against Ted Kennedy before the 2004 election.: ,,,<>,,,:

    2. Duff n crew are pure disinfo

    3. I agree. At first I thought it was alright, but Duff doesn't like anything or have a solution for the problems he brings up. It's tacky and leaves a bad aftertaste

  2. Sometimes issuing a vague warning, too little too late, can be a means of providing cover for your own activities. I wouldn't read anything kindly into the Israelis rather non-specific "warning" to the Americans. I certainly wouldn't take that as discounting their involvement, especially when the benefit of the whole event to them was so obvious.

  3. Good work. VT is such an obvious river of bulls&*t; they and their ilk are as much responsible for contaminating the world with toxins as any chemical company dumping pesticides into the water, and cause similar harm to the mental and spiritual health of those credulous, dumb, or reactive enough to take it seriously. I'd rank them several rungs lower than National Enquirer and less entertaining. Nauseating. I do hope a few people are turned off their nonsense by your good sense.

  4. "Bullshit" immediately categorizes the author here as having limited vocabulary. While in reality, that may not be so, still, why would he use "bullshit" instead of words or terms that have meaning, don't falsely emotionalize, and put the reader's mind in a direction desiring independent thought? The author does have some great ideas and delves into issues that need looked at though. He has a good mind and excellent potential as a writer. I wish him the best.
    Also, I enjoy reading Veterans Today, Rense,, etc.... alternative sites. It's all about having a first basic premise that all sites, information sources, media... are information mixed with mis-information mixed with dis-information. Often the intent isn't that, but we are human and fall far short of perfectly being able to attain to and communicate TRUTH. So I will continue to read various sites and info sources, in an uncensored fashion, and will build a view of probable TRUTH based upon their agreements, and especially, their disagreements.

    1. I used for my web site too pictures from google. It is about a psychology office and it had to look serious. It doesnt mean that my site is hoax...

    2. One does not have to please YOU with his words, that is not the point and apparently you have missed the friggin point! Go read the zionist FAKE jews FAkE web sites, and bury your head in their lies, since you so loveth a lie, and don't want to decipher truth from a lie! Are you that stupid to read rense A WELL KNOWN SHILL SITE....hahahhaha...yeah your worth my time...NOT! VT, Rense and Educate yourself ARE NOT ALTERNATIVE NEWS SITES, they are SHILL SITES get it right! And no not all sites spread BULLSHIT, does that term now describe my meaning moron? and the intent behind SHILL sites LIKE VT, RENSE, Alex Jones, BIN, and so many more IS TO DISINFORM!! PERIOD you confused moron! Go read the shill sites, stay away from here and see if a moron can actually figure out what the diference between a shill site and a non-shill site is and for the record, you obviously are incapable of figuring out truth if Gordon duff's very own words didn't tell you that he disinforms 40% of the time, it seems that even when the horse tells you so, you can't hear the horse, kind of like Gods REAL children have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, unlike yourself! To read your crap, was like reading something a shill from VT would write, without being obvious "anonymous" ! Truth is not difficult for Gods real children, but your kind so hate the TRUTH, so they twist it, kind of like what you were doing....hhmmmmm....yeah you are nto obvious, no not at all....hahahahahahahaha...this sounds like one of those paid shills that go around and attack real alternative sites, by ever so slightly twisting things and at the same time promoting some of hsi kinds SHILL SITES...resne, msot of us know, but many are fooled with Educte yourself, which is most definitely a shill site, notice how you cannot contact anyone there, it's because they loaded it with so much BULLSHIT (there is that word again that moron thinks has no meaning, it's because his kind are BS, therefore they can't understand it), and do not allow comments at all because they want to shove the info., down your throat with no interferance from REAL TRUTH and REAL OPINIONS of the people!

    3. This from a guy with an imaginary friend in the sky!

    4. So what are your trusted, non-shill sources of information?

  5. No, Israel didn't do 9-11 and Rothschild Zionism has nothing to do with anything. I am going to wager that the author of this article is a .The Media, Government, Education, Food, Banking etc. Once one wakes up to the reality it is not hard to see whats going on. It's not rocket science.

  6. why does this person named "anonymous" keep responding to his own posts? im concerned.

  7. The wikileaks cables are not policy documents. They may mention certain aspects of the policies of various nations, they are not policy documents (see plausible deniability). They are nothing but the opinions and analysis of diplomats who are working in the interests of their own nation. Very interesting in the context of seeing how their minds work (or don't) and how disastrous some of their opinions can be. Most of the themes are public knowledge, or at least known by anyone following the subject. The Israeli's themselves said, and numerous UN reports confirm, that Gaza was to be kept on a "diet" and not only kept on the brink, but rather PLUNGED into economic ruin. Anybody paying attention would know very well that Israel is permanently seeking ways to destroy its neighbours and bolster its hegemonic status, to justify its very existence (and usefulness ... see US $$$), through perpetual war. We all know it has not only overestimated the nuclear threat ... but that its AIPAC war pimps created it ! Its stance toward Turkey is all well known, and for obvious reasons (maybe just a little too obvious). Its presence in the America's is well known and fairly well documented also. Finally, yes indeedy, Israel bombed a Syrian site it claimed was a nuclear site. That last one gave Wikileaks away as a propaganda outfit. Give both YOU and VT away, as well.

  8. I suspect you are a jew. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion said they would control the media and schools and education and bands, Duff points this out. Look who owns top 6 mega media! Jews, who owns 42 of 50 financial institutions? Jews, Who controls Hollywood and TV? Jews. Sounds to me the Protocols are finally coming true, as they were written in russia in 1909! if you think i am kidding, go to Wiki and look up the protocols, and see how many times Wiki calls it a fake/false document. Over 300 times! When some one protests that much and that strong.. they are panic stricken for being exposed.

    Here is the other side.I actually know Gordon Duff. He is much more credible than any one in the jew owned media.

    1. Good deduction. Those who have the most to hide, hide the most.

  9. duff & co may be full of shit - but that doesnt automatically make the official account of 9/11 the trutjh.
    fact is - the official account - also known as a conspiracy theory - is based on no substantial evidence of any kind, and is in fact impossible, according to science as understood today.

    having said that, jews are a miserable bunch, forever victims of the holohoax.. doing today to palestine what they are suppossed to be victims of themselves. wipe them off the map.

    1. "science as understood today."
      Are you kidding ? With Gage claiming since 8 years WTC7 felt in 6 seconds,
      wich in fact is more than double ????

  10. Mil service seems to be something these wannabe Nazis proclaim as proof of knowledge.. that they know something. And use it as carte blanc to mask their nazi bullshit as bonafied fact,

    Just a bunch of nihilists scam idealouges for money..

    The real secrets are more high school drama , who's fucking who and such..

    Which is interesting in its own right, but well short of a general labor strike, we are doomed to rioting and martial law as fear mongering conspiracy nuts give rise to actually corrupt people like trump and Hillary , the right and left can agree they are both conspiring against each other, one side uses violence to force conformity , the other uses taxes to penalize the greedy and feed the poor creating dependent slaves , in short we are fucked and some of liberal green veterans are waiting for the law to collapse so we can punch a lot of suits and ties , a lot , mainly for killing our brethren to pay for renovations to their hurricane shore houses...

    By no means am in threatening violence , I'm saying when the law inevitably collapses , I'll survive , and well lawyers won't save the corrupt from the hungry and armed poor

  11. Well, having at first been a fan of VT, I agree with you. Sadly though, Israel (among others) did engineer 911 (as research shows). But let's talk about research - you can't allude (as I have in my last sentence) to "research" whose data you don't provide. You didn't provide any actual data. You only alluded to the presence of research. What I think happened at VT, besides the likelihood of its being a disinfo site from the beginning, is that Carol Duff took over Gordon Duff's mind. It's really the only explanation for how VT ended up supporting Hillary Clinton in the last election.